PİREKS, began its activities in 1984 as a foundry in order to produce brass wedges. In 1990 it moved to its 1500 m2 factory located in Esenyurt and started automated production with an induction furnace. In 1992 it moved to its own factory with an area of 8160 m² located in Hadımköy as PİREKS A.Ş. with a staff of 12 years' experience and started to produce with continuous system. PİREKS A.Ş. which has been developed continuously over the years with its renewed technology and new investments, has taken its place among the world companies which produce brass bars, brass profile, brass flat bars, tube bars for domestic and international markets and has reached to a production capacity of 2.500 tons/month. PİREKS A.Ş. works in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 1999 with a leadership viewpoint in the sector. Aside from this, as a proof of the diligence shown to the workplace health and security and to nature, the company is entitled to own the ISO 14001 Environment and ISO 18001 Workplace Health and Security Certificates. about What lies underneath the quality guarantee of PİREKS A.Ş. are: -Production processes fully in accordance with the national and international quality standards, -Efforts to perpetuate and increase the product quality, personnel and customer satisfaction, -The aim to sustain and develop the production activities with an advanced technology that does not harm the environment or the employees. PİREKS A.Ş. Corporate Approach; 1-Customer and employee satisfaction 2-Sensitivity towards the environment and nature 3-Making no compromises from quality 4-Continuus development, progress 5-Acting with a consciousness of social responsibility 6- A strategy appropriate for the sustainable competition

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